Fundraising support for small nonprofits.

DonorPath is the fundraising solution for small nonprofits with the passion to do it all, but the budget that requires do-it-yourself.


You create a profile, tell us your needs, review your matches and make selections.


We'll analyze and visualize giving information and data from spreadsheets and accounting or fundraising software.


We'll create a 12-month plan tailored to your time, budget and board's engagement level.


You'll get coaching, how-to-help, tools and direct support needed to get real measurable results - guaranteed.

A fundraising team to raise money, not expenses.

With DonorPath, you get three, dedicated professional fundraisers who work alongside of you each week, aligning their time and expertise with your past results and current needs.

Based on your organization's mission type, operating budget size, staffing structure and what you identify as your greatest fundraising need, we'll present you with matches and you build your own Virtual Fundraising Team, made up of:

An Expert

Strategy, Analysis & Coaching

Recruited from a network of 30,000 development consultants, our Experts have an average of nineteen years of fundraising experience successfully raising money for missions and budgets just like yours.

A Manager

Calendar, Contact & Communication

As part of our full-time, professional staff, our Managers work with hundreds of nonprofits to manage the dates, timelines and communications to keep you and your Team organized and focused.

An Assistant

Data Maintenance & Reporting

Recruited from special group of US Veterans, your Assistant has data and systems expertise to keep your fundraising data updated, accurate so you can understand and act on opportunities and needs.

Focusing on the right thing – not everything.

Your Team moves you beyond one-sized consultants, contractors and conferences to a right-sized plan, with a team helping you decide which combination fundraising segments and functions can help you create the best results.


Integrate email, direct mail, and phone to renew, upgrade, and acquire new donors.

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Identify, cultivate, and ask donors, prospects, volunteers to make a large gift.

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Recruit, train, and engage board members to make a gift and ask others to do the same.

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Discover new and apply for support from private, family, and community foundations.

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Effectively steward and strengthen your relationship to donors so they keep giving.

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Create and host events that build awareness, good will, and net revenue.

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Secure corporate support with branding, volunteering, and recognition opportunities.

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Build fundraising staff and volunteer job descriptions, tools, and fundraising budget

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Keeping things simple and organized, all in one place.

To help you and your Team stay organized, informed and on-task, DonorPath has designed a simple dashboard so everyone can easily see and understand your key dates, data and documents.

We visualize all of the gifts, dates and data from your spreadsheets, accounting system or donor management software to help you see and manage every opportunity to engage every donor.

We help you create and calendar all of your existing and necessary fundraising dates so your 12-month fundraising plan aligns with your revenue goals and so we know where you could use help.

To save you time and accelerate results, we upload the templates and tools you need to implement every aspect of your fundraising plan. You never have to start anything from scratch.

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